Caça-giros 🕵️‍♂️

You want free spins? Our Instagram posts can be worth money! 🌟


How it works

Every Tuesday, we hide a winning code in the Instagram image, and the first 50 people to find it will be rewarded with 50 spins. 🤑

To participate, simply:

1️⃣ Have made a deposit of at least R$5.00 in the 7 days prior to the promotion.

2️⃣ Find the code in the image

3️⃣ Like and comment “I found it” on the image.

4️⃣ Call our team in Instagram DM, pass the code and your registered email to confirm if you followed the rules.


After that, we will return to confirm if you were one of the winners and release your 50 free spins. 😎


Terms and conditions:

  1. Fake profiles will be strictly eliminated, as well as one or more “winning” profiles that share the same IP.
  2. Being among the top 50 does not guarantee you the prize, as we will be analyzing whether you have complied with the rules and whether the profile qualifies as fake according to our criteria.
  3. Spins must be used by 11:59 pm on the day they were purchased. Afterwards, they will expire and the player will not be entitled to new spins.
  4. Those who comment on the code or where it is in the post will be unable to participate not just in that one, but in all new posts in the Caça-Giros promotion.
  5. The order that counts for the prize is not the order in which people commented “I found it” on the post, but rather the order in which the user entered the code and the correct email in the Instagram chat.
  6. If the user is among the first 50 and sent the code correctly, but did not send the email, they may be left without the prize. To receive, you must meet all requirements.
  7. BetMidas reserves the right to change or cancel any aspect of the promotion, including prizes or number of winners.
  8. Commenting “I found it” in the Instagram chat does not count towards receiving the prize, as the comment must be made in the publication. Just as commenting on anything other than the code will not be valid for the player to be included in the top 50.
  9. The winners will only be defined by Instagram and any complaints must be directed to their chat. Support on the website will not be able to reward you and may terminate service if you insist.
  10. To redeem the prize you must be an active player on the website, that is, make deposits and bet on the casino/sports on our website. Failure to comply with this rule may result in promotions being blocked from being redeemed on our website.


Good luck 🍀