Guess who? 🤑

🚨Attention sports betting fans!🚨

It is with great pleasure that BetMidas announces the return of the free bet!


To participate, it's simple: hit the score on the official post and earn R$10 in balance for your sports bets here on the website.


Terms and conditions:

1- Follow our Instagram @betmidas.oficial

2- Leave your prediction on the score in the comments by tagging 2 friends (e.g. Corinthians 1 x 1 São Paulo @amigo1 @amigo2)

3- To win it is mandatory:

3.1- Set the score and follow ALL the rules.

3.2- Have an open and active personal profile; fake profiles, secondary, commercial, page or celebrity profiles will be disqualified.

3.3- Do not tag yourself or other profiles, as well as fake, commercial, page or celebrity profiles.

3.4- Make only one comment per person.

3.5- Only one free bet per user. Users who are identified using the same IP or more than one Instagram account to abuse the promotion will have their guesses cancelled.

4- The prediction excludes extra time and penalties.

5- The freebet will only be deposited during business hours, on the first business day after the match, with only one freebet per person.

6- Winners have up to 24 hours after the start of the match to contact them via direct and guarantee the Freebet redemption. After the time, regardless of the correct answer, you will not be entitled to the prize.

7- BetMidas reserves the right to change or cancel any aspect of the promotion, including prizes or number of winners.

8- Only the score written in the post will be counted. Scores in stories or others will be disregarded. As well as any comments made after the start of the match.

9- Anyone who does not comply with any of the rules will not receive a prize, regardless of the reason.

10- Service is provided during business hours, so anyone who sends a message after business hours will have to wait until the next day to be answered. However, this does not eliminate you from receiving the prize if the time for sending the message is within the established period of 24 hours after the start of the match.

11- The scoreboard must contain the name of the two clubs and the score (Team A 1x0 Team B). Comments such as “2 to 1”, “1 to 2”, “1 to 0 Team A” and their variants may be discarded.

12- BetMidas is not responsible for sending a message to the player who got the score correct and complied with the rules. The player is fully responsible for seeking direct contact with BetMidas and if he does not do so within 24 hours after the start of the match, he will not receive the prize.

13- Tagging BetMidas in the comments does not constitute direct contact. The player must send a message in DM.

14- Comments such as “hi”, “good afternoon” and their variants are not valid to justify that you contacted us within the deadline. The player must be clear and say that he got in touch because of the free tip.

15- Even if the player contacts us within 24 hours after the match, he will not receive the prize if he does not send the data requested by the BetMidas team. If 24 hours pass after our support team responds on Instagram requesting contact, the player will lose the right to the prize.

16- The winners will only be defined by Instagram and any complaints must be directed to their chat. Support on the website will not be able to reward you and may terminate service if you insist.

17- To redeem the prize you must be an active player on the website, that is, make deposits and bet on the casino/sports on our website. Failure to comply with this rule may result in promotions being blocked from being redeemed on our website.


Good luck 🍀